Chris was born a photographer. He sees the world through the lens. He got his first camera at the age of 11 and he has shot virtually every day since. During his college years, he carried his leica with him everywhere he went, shooting 5 days a week, developing on the 6th and printing on the 7th. His passion for photography deepened when he met his mentor Gary Winogrand.

Chris went on to receive his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and his MFA from The San Francisco Art Institute. He spent the years after perfecting his skills as a studio, location and lifestyle photographer. Chris’ sophisticated skill set and his understanding of light allow his clients the option to explore any number of creative avenues. He has photographed advertising campaigns for commercial clients including Ebay, Dell, American Express, and Shutterfly.

When he is not shooting professionally, his personal photography most often takes him to the deserts, towns, trailer parks and oddities of the American West. It is in this stark desert landscape where Chris’ artistic vision is realized. His ability to see art in the most desolate and forgotten places displays his desire to go beneath the surface and see what others don’t. You might run into him on a deserted road by the Salton Sea or at an estate sale, looking for that curious odd object to add to his eclectic collection of props that fill his office and prop room.

“The point in life is to make the problem interesting.”